Excited by the collaboration with salon owner Dion Dion Fourniotis, O&M’s ammonia free and clean formulation products were a natural choice for this intimate salon.

Owning a number of salons in Victoria throughout his career, Fourniotis ran his first salon “Risque” and more famously “The Do”. Taking a break from running large salons, Fourniotis now resides with his team at new salon Poser + I.
“I think there is a little bit of catwalk in every girl” says Fourniotis “I know every girl leaving the salon is definitely checking out her reflection – Poser is the client and I is the hairdresser,” he said.

Clients relax in a modern and effortlessly chic environment while their hair health is considered with the greatest importance.
“Organic, textured hair is what I’m loving on my clients right now and O&M embodies the message I want to pass on to my clients about clean, ammonia free colour, said Fourniotis.

Armed with the message that healthy hair is stress-free hair, O&M along with Poser +I have embarked on a partnership to educate and embrace clients on a more organic way of living.

“Nature is a big influence in our salon, and ‘organic’ is a term we love to use because it’s not just a style of hair but an extension of someone’s choices and environment,” Fourniotis says.

As a result, the salon takes on a neutral palette of smooth and rough textures, juxtaposed by a clean minimalist palette of white and individual touches to reinforce their bespoke philosophy.

Taking interest and influence from travel and experiences, Fourniotis speaks of a reinvention of self and style every few years and it is to the delight of O&M that he has chosen them for the next journey.

Poster + I
Shop 3, 153 High Street,
Prahran VIC 3181