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Kundalini mixes warm hues with deluxe finishes and 13th century Islamic architectural lines making it Canberra’s ultimate style destination.

No longer are grooming spaces signified by clean cut, flushed finishes drizzled with Dulux’ stark cut of the colour chart – as moments with the mirror become less frequent, floor space dedicated to aesthetic maintenance is adopting deluxe decor, soft lines, feature lighting and a warm palette.

With this in mind, Canberra’s cosy Kundalini provides the kind of solace one would imagine Cleopatra to request after a long day ruling Egypt – complete with golden archway.

Director’s Susie Dimov and Jenn Willemsen (Mayabi Design), along with graphic designer Jo Mills (Sabka Design) drew up the 120 square metres that is Kundalini with functional excellence and elegant ergonomics in mind.

Evoking visions of 13th century Islamic treasures hidden throughout the Spanish grounds of Alhambra, reptilian textures slither close to mirrors, floor and joinery whilst metal accents and Tom Dixon copper pendant lights create a deluxe feel.
Four custom built basin chairs alleviate tension whilst recycled rubber flooring provides comfort for stylists, making Kundalini the ultimate style destination for all involved.

Kundalini has earnt a place as a finalist in the Best New Salon Design category in the 2009 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards.

Hotel Realm
18 National Circuit
ACT, 2600
Ph (02) 6273 7766

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