Director Melissa Bellassai has created a sophisticated salon with crisp at clean lines that deliver a relaxing atmosphere to Mesh Hair Spa clientele.

Located amongst cafes and restaurants in the lively strip of Queen’s Parade, Clifton Hill in Victoria, Mesh Hair Spa Salon Director Melissa Bellassai is joined by a team of four senior stylists and junior apprentices who treat clients to the La Biosthetique product range.

“I really wanted to portray a modern and sleek feeling salon, yet warm and inviting through my design,” says Melissa. “It was very important for me to completely fulfill this and get it right as it would then be representing the type of hairdresser I have learnt to be and for the salon to reflect the degree of my work. It was also crutial to me to have my design right where I wanted it so I could attract the clientele.”

Over 120 square metres, with 10 cutting chairs, three basins and a makeup chair in sleek modern styles, the salon is at once elegant and relaxing – a reflection of the technique and work of the dedicated and talented team.

346 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill VIC – (03) 9489 6989