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Nimbus lighting arrives in Australia

Perfect for salon spaces, 100 per cent recyclable and mercury free, Nimbus is the world’s most environmentally responsible lighting, delivering massive energy savings when compared to conventional fluorescent and incandescent lighting. And as if the eco credentials couldn’t get any better, Nimbus lights are more than twice as energy efficient as low voltage halogen alternatives.

“Nimbus is changing the world of lighting. Being green is no longer just a trend; in the current global environment, cost savings and sustainability are what Australians are now demanding in their everyday lives,” said Phil McCall, Koda Lighting Managing Director.

Nimbus LED

With a life span of up to 50,000 hours, the Nimbus produces a high light output and doesn’t rely on ambient light reflection off the ceiling, making it perfect for lighting high spaces. In addition, the lights operate at safe-to-touch temperatures and can be mounted on any surface including concrete, steel, laminate or wood.

While initial setup costs are higher than traditional alternatives, costs are quickly recouped via the significantly lower energy consumption  of the Nimbus system.

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