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Voted Australia’s best hairdressing destination for men in GQ Magazine’s “Guide to Life and Chivalry 2009,” Pureman salon is Brisbane’s slice of New York – for blokes looking to walk tall.


Pureman draws inspiration from some of the world’s finest creative talents in an effort to deliver a fine performance and emotive experience for guests – not unlike New York City’s propensity to draw upon its characters and create a magnetism that is felt across the globe. The class of Al Pacino, legendary charm of Clint Eastwood and alluring rebelliousness of James Dean resonates throughout a décor splashed with a ‘down-town vibe’ – brown leather bench-tops, polished concrete floors, tobacco coloured Belmont Apollo barber chairs and individual LCD screens stamp each visit with luxury, easy-going exclusivity and ample style.


Tunes echo all genres – from the bounce of old-school hip-hop to the riff of rock, Pureman celebrates diversity, and attracts an equally miscellaneous crowd. Just three years old, the male-specific salon has evolved from a vision of Scottish hairdresser Alan McDonald.

“I wanted to generate a laid back vibe where CEO’s can sit comfortably alongside students – each feeling equally a part of the Pureman experience. We have taken what may be perceived as an ordinary business, and we do it in an extraordinary way,” says Al.

“It’s basically a really, really fancy barbershop. We’re offering an environment for guys where they can feel totally comfortable and enjoy the quality of work that they can get from a chick’s place,” says Al.

Eclectic is further celebrated aboard the salon’s main feature, a 4550mm by 2600mm mural created by Brisbane graphic design company; RED-I Design. The collage salutes masculinity in all vocations – from the jam in Jimi Hendrix to the fight in Mohammed Ali, and malice of Evil Kinevil.

“The mural is bloody massive – Hendrix and Ali are life size!” says Al.


Aside from the typical salon services gents can expect to receive, such as Pureman’s Corporate Cut, Style Cut, Express Wet Shave and Executive Shave, the salon offers a comprehensive website filled with handy tips and tricks for the modern man – and we’re not just talking advice on hair. Guys can enter the dating game quietly confident thanks to a segment of instructions including how to make a love cocktail and buy a diamond. For those hitched and eager to ruffle feathers on the next boys trip away, tuition on how to a land a fire and catch a fish is also available.

And as if Pureman don’t have it all covered – balding men can also look forward to getting in on the fun.
“We’ve also got this wicked little tool for bald guys. It’s called Headblade, and is designed for blokes who wet shave their own head. It has this great finger grip that you use to push, rather than pull the blade across your scalp.” says Al.

Up there for thinking like a man.

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