Darlinghurst’s dapper design den for style setters and Sydney scenesters; Ziggy’s merges pop with progressive across terrain built to entertain.

“We have had 70 year old ladies, construction workers, fashionistas, metrosexuals and tattooists all sitting in the one space at the same time all finding enjoyment in the space for one reason or another. There is something special about that – perhaps we gave the space a soul,” says owner and design curator of Ziggy’s – Sydney’s new unisex barber with contemporary flavour – David Rosenberg.

A broad clientele that no doubt enjoy resonance with iconic characters of the ages – collaged as one across a 16 metre-long wall that plays primary visual feature. The likes of Elvis, Bowie, Elizabeth Taylor, Edward Scissor Hands, the Clockwork Orange lads and Courtney Love plaster pop culture across the space, generating a deep sense of vestige that inspires and intrigues – italicized further with authentic, one off pieces gathered from worldly ventures. A restored 1972 Holden HQ car has been trimmed and tidied for a seat unlike most while a travelling chest from 1922 is used as a wardrobe and keeper of the salon’s board games. The unique history notes continue with two, intact, double seater 1950s theatre chairs, and coffee tables constructed from weather worn shipping containers.

“I feel we have created something quite special with Ziggy’s design. Perhaps the fact that at times we did not know where we were going with the design, and just let it evolve organically – leading to the end product,” believes David.

Despite the ‘barber’ label, Ziggy’s caters from men and women – across both hair and interior design. The stainless steel and leather barber shop chairs have been carefully selected so to avoid an overriding air of masculinity, and bamboo flooring offsets the rich use of stainless steel – a plain of warmth and comfort.

Fit to host the event brief of any likeminded brand, Ziggy’s houses an audio visual system fit to compete with that of any small night club in Australia, and permanent DJ booth for a live element. Nintendo heads can entertain themselves with a homemade arcade station – complete with a supercharged computer hosting 3000 games.

Bowie would be proud.

Ziggy’s, 183 Riley Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010:  (02) 9267 0057 www.ziggysbarbersalon.com.au 

*Last year Ziggy’s Barber Salon saved over 50,000 liters of water across a six month period using Easydry gents towels. Without taking up precious floor space with a washing machine, Ziggy’s saved staff time, water and money.