If you haven’t met Matt and Kristin Clements, one look at the new Assembly salon pretty much sums them up – illustrated, eccentric, warm, entertaining, fashion forward and consumed to their eyeballs in art. Like Alexander McQueen meets Gormon and sharp sartorial meets slashed-up street, Assembly Hair is an articulate mash-up of culture and design. Matt Clements chats to styleicons about his new home away from home.

Matt and Kristen Clements

Who designed the new Assembly Hair?

The salon was designed by Kristin and me. We also sourced most of the materials – that was my bag; scouring the net for cool things, I loved it! We had an architect friend draw up the plans technically so everyone was on the same page.

What is at the heart of the salon design – what motivated its direction?

The space itself represents so much about who Kristin and I are and why we head The Assembly. We are passionate about design in many forms – from music and architecture to art, photography, movies and food. We spend so many hours doing what we do that it’s imperative we surround ourselves by a space we love. While there are things in it that have to be there for functionality purposes, it is mostly just about what we’re into.

What do clients immediately visualise and how do they feel upon entering Assembly Hair?

Black and white, strong lines, quirky materials and finishes that are high end yet incredibly warming when people enter – it’s like Aladdin’s cave as it were!

Your and Kristin’s passion for art and design shines clearer than day. What about the beautiful, down-to-earth nature that equally defines you both – how is that reflected?

Because we live, surf and work at the beach it was also important to have a minimal side. As clients walk back toward the reception desk they are immediately struck with a view of the ocean – this is important for customers as well as staff – a nice surprise after spending time in a very modern environment.

Describe the hero design features and materials utilised throughout the new Assembly Hair.

We wanted to keep a mix of gloss and matte finishes – the white benches are made from corian and juxtapose high gloss concrete black mirror floors and pac finish defining the retail and basin area. The lights are imported by Viso, the basins and chairs have come from Italy and the waiting area chairs are made from rubber and were imported from Belgium. The Vivienne Westwood wallpaper is my favourite and is a nice contrast in texture to the Braille wall made from bamboo pulp. The reception desk exudes a very organic feel and appears as though it has frozen in time while pouring from the ceiling.

You’re a well-known man of music – what can visitors expect to tune into at Assembly Hair?

A B&W sound system and recessed speakers complete the space. Expect to hear everything from New Order and The Cure to Thelonious Monk and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The Assembly Hair
Shop 4, 166 – 170 Alexandra Parade
Alexandra Headland, 4572
Ph: (07) 5479 6661