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Wieselmann, South Yarra

By Amy Vidaic

Designed by Wieselmann’s three partners, David Wieselmann, Margaret Doyle and Karen Bennett, together with DNA Design’s Darren Hebard, Wieselmann’s salon space is now beaming with light and oozing with sophistication.

Established in 1980, Wieselmann has been servicing clients for over 30 years and in this time, little has changed in terms of furnishings, basins and chairs.

Earlier this year, the team sought to create an engaging and exceptional space to live on throughout the next 20 years;  the decision to change was a brave one, but they know they got it right.

The Wieselmann brand reflects the needs and desires of its clientele, offering the very best cutting from David, expert colouring from Margaret and the perfect salon experience from Karen.  When deciding on how to revamp the salon, the talented trio looked to their clients for design inspiration.

Weiselmann’s clients range from actors and grandmothers to young starlets and everyone else in between. But the one thing they all have in common is a sophisticated and stylish way of living, and with this in mind, the team created a space to relax and an environment that’s professional, engaging, and above all inspiring.

To ensure the Wieselmann team created the perfect hair haven they considered many elements. Everything from lighting to technology was carefully thought-out and planned with precision.

One of their main priorities was to get the lighting just right. “We thought about our clients who are 30 plus, who all place a high importance on their appearance. Lighting had to be flattering and soft around the face, but true to daylight for accurate skin tones and for assessing hair colours”.

The team used down lights and soft facial lighting with Meizei lamps fitted with organza shades. The lamps added a decorative flourish, and in turn added a soft element to the finely polished surfaces.

Queen of colour, Margaret Doyle oversees one of the busiest colour departments in the country, and maintains the salon’s continued reputation as the ‘place to go for the perfect blonde’.

To complement Margaret’s love of colour, a specialised colour area was created. It was also designed as a buffer to reduce noise from the bustling styling area, and glass wings were fitted to float unobtrusively to separate the two. What’s more, each colour client area has access to a flat-screen TV and internet.

Since the refurbishment, the team has experienced an increase in colour turnover, proving the decision to segment the colour service from the rest of the salon a success.

Four-star energy efficient air-conditioning and sound systems have also been installed with individually controlled zones. This ensures each client is happy and comfortable in their environment, with noise and temperature levels catered to their needs.

The wet area basins are also separated in a more private area of the salon. With Quadro reclining lounges, they’re ergonomically designed to ensure complete relaxation. The angle is also perfectly fitted so that clients can still watch television, but that’s only if they can keep their eyes open during a heavenly Wieselmann scalp massage.

The improved space and privacy has eased congestion around each client and offers a more conducive environment for consultations and advice. The open and abundant retail and reception area further enhances the consultation opportunity, giving the reception team a much larger space to manage the high-traffic in-and-out of the salon.

Since renovations, the Wieselmann team has had nothing but positive outcomes. As well as client satisfaction, they have noticed an increase in sales figures and client numbers. They now have 38 per cent more colour clients, as well as clients who are spending up to 55 per cent more at each appointment.

With a gleaming white finish, the new Wieselmann Salon at South Yarra is just as stylish and seductive as the hair they create.

Wieselmann Salon, 305 Toorak Road, South Yarra 3141. Contact: (03) 9827 6899 or visit


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