Clients may walk into Melbourne’s Vision Blonde salon as brunettes, but they won’t leave that way.


The city’s first ever blonde only concept salon takes pride in turning brunettes into blondes and blondes… even blonder. Specialising in blonde (is that clear yet?), ombré and blonde extensions, the salon even boasts blonde staff and a blonde colour business that accounts for around 90 per cent of their revenue (the cutting and styling that makes up the rest of the operation is open to those of all hair colours). Debuting just last week, the salon is something of a blonde factory, slowly building an army of perfect blondes.


“There was such a huge demand for finding the best blondes in Melbourne so we decided to open a salon just dedicated to blondes so clients can come get that perfect blonde done in one spot,” said Vision Blonde Managing Director Nicole Healy. “In the first week of opening a lot of our clients came in for a complete colour change, going from darker to lighter. I love that, it’s so nice to see a huge change in someone. It just transforms their whole look.”

This massive demand for a complete colour change is due in part to two things – Internet and celebrity trends (thanks, Kim Kardashian) and advanced technology. “Olaplex is the must-have when you’re colouring blondes and everyone’s asking for it when they come in as well,” Nicole said. “Everyone should have it, in this day and age you have to have Olaplex done on your hair to achieve blonde. It’s changed the way we do hair.” For colouring, Wella Professionals and evo’s fabuloso pro range are Vision Blonde’s must-haves, while evo is also used for styling.


Being blonde-centric doesn’t mean being uniform, with the team offering a range of blondes – beach blondes, platinum, freehand painting, natural hues and full blonde colour are all particularly popular right now – and even offering unique blonde products, such as ombré extensions.

The aesthetic of the salon maintains this commitment to blonde, utilising natural light, rather than artificial, so as not to obscure the real blonde tone during the colouring process. The salon’s blonde focus also extends to its beach vibe, beach house style area and nautical circular mirrors included.


“It’s very open and spacious,” Nicole shared. “We have natural light to capture all the natural colours coming in as well, because sometimes when you’re having your colour done artificial light can look warmer or darker. When it’s in the natural light you really see your true colour.”

Vision Blonde is a millennial success story, with its initial formation and now its continued achievements all built on the back of social media. The story began when Nicole started the online profile known as Melbourne Hair Blogger in order to find the best hairdressers in Melbourne. She soon had social media users tagging her in hair posts, her favourites of which she would share (@melbournehairblogger now has over 11,000 Instagram followers since taking off in the past six months).


When eventual Vision Blonde owner Lauren contacted her to find the best hairdresser to start a new salon with, Nicole herself was deemed perfect for the job. Together they created the salon and have already amassed an impressive social media following, with over 1000 Instagram followers in just two weeks, and mentions and posts overseas and from Olaplex Australia.


Vision Blonde is now looking towards a bright future – built on society’s never-ending penchant for a fairer hue and a point of difference as the new blonde go-to. If they can persist through the inevitable blonde jokes, we’re sure to see that Vision Blonde has more fun.

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