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Royals Hair Opens Cherrybrook Location

“We’re not a chain, we don’t see ourselves as a franchise,” said Royals Hair co-director Adam Alamine, speaking in the wake of the opening of his third salon opening. “We give the salons their own look based on the demographic in the area and based on the team. We don’t have a corporate look that we just give to the builders, we don’t have a corporate formula that we use, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that’s just not us.”


This mentality is the backbone of the new salon, the very next step in Royals all but inevitable takeover of Sydney’s North Shore. With spaces in Castle Hill, Hornsby and now Cherrybrook, plus their very own academy, Royals is expanding at an impressive rate.

Opening in early May, Adam and fellow co-director/wife Mary, invited family, friends, staff, clients and industry members into the salon for a suitably Moroccan themed opening event this week. Generous helpings of Lebanese food and a surprisingly popular fortune teller (“I’m not a fan myself because I’m a sceptic, but I think she saw 30 people that night,” Adam revealed) translated the group’s Moroccan décor to the evening’s festivities.


The Alamine family

This Moroccan feel pervades the Cherrybrook salon and newly refurbished Castle Hill establishment (Hornsby will undergo a revamp in September to also adopt a modern, cultural aesthetic). Colourful plates adorning the roof and vivid lighting imbue the salon with a Middle Eastern vibe, while authentic material and reclaimed timber also contribute to the raw, unrefined look of the salons.

This Moroccan element is a point of difference for the salon in more ways than one, with the culture permeating not just the design, but also the salon’s level of customer service. “Moroccan culture is infused with honouring guests, it has that mentality of making sure people are fed,” Adam shared. “You’re constantly catering to them, if someone spends three hours in your salon you have to make sure they’re looked after.” As Royals has found, a selection of Moroccan teas can go a long way.


But this client focus isn’t the only unique element Royals prides themselves on, with skill and execution another key factor in Royals’ success.

“Having great customer service is very important, but in my opinion it’s almost useless if you’re not producing quality work,” Adam opined. “We tell our team all the time ‘being simply good, or producing good work in the salon, isn’t good enough’. We require them to be exceptional, to have that wow factor with all their finishing techniques.”

Enter the Royals Academy, currently used to maintain a high skill level across all three salons, and soon to invite others in for education sessions available to all hairdressers. “The advantage for us is with a growing team and across multiple salons we needed to make sure there’s quality work and a high level of skill, and consistency within the salons,” Adam said. “The only way to ensure that is with our education program for everyone from our apprentices to our senior stylists. The Academy ensures that we have a strong training and education program, which ensures we have quality work.”


Partnerships with Revlon Professional, KEVIN.MURPHY and Kérastase complement these services and skill with high-grade products, completing a trifecta that explains Royals runaway-train levels of success.

We’re sure we’ll be hearing about their next endeavour very soon.

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