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TIGI fills your stockings

Choose from the wondrous combinations concocted by the TIGI International Creative Team. Friends and family will truly rejoice as they unwrap the wonders from the world of TIGI and unleash their style.


Reconstruction for Blondes
Blonde Therapy

Transform over-processed and chemically treated hair, with Protein Booster Technology that helps restore the hair at its core.


Dumb Blonde Shampoo 400ml
Dumb Blonde Reconstructor 200ml
Salon Price: $25.26 (incl. GST)
RRP: $44.95
Client Saving: $19.00


Emergency Hair Rehab
Resurrection Kit

Rehab for weak, damaged, brittle hair that needs a serious intervention.


Resurrection Shampoo 250ml
Resurrection Conditioner 200ml
Salon price:  $19.58 (incl. GST)
RRP: $36.95
Client Saving:  $17.05


Hair Hangover Antidote
Image Recovery

The perfect antidote for dry, damaged hair that needs a moisture hit.


Recovery Shampoo 250ml
Recovery Conditioner 200ml
Salon price:  $19.58 (incl. GST)
RRP: $36.95
Client Saving:  $17.05

To find out more or order, call TIGI Australia 02 9889 0435



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