Grant Norton is a hairdressing legend, renowned educator and celebrated ambassador, and today he’s talking about ghd’s all-new helios, and the concept of retailing hairdryers more broadly. Read on for some insider tips.

Why is selling in hair dryers a big opportunity for salons?

Research conducted earlier this year states that hairdryers are the most commonly used hot tool in Australia and have the highest potential market share of any hot tool for the next 12 months with 25 per cent of consumers considering purchasing or upgrading.

When you are educating a consumer about a hairdryer what do you ask first?

“How do you dry and style your hair at home?” This then opens a conversation with them and allows you to position yourself as an expert and give them some easy to use tips for at home. The goal is to always achieve a salon blow-dry at home and you have the opportunity to give them the skills and the learnings to implement as much as you can when doing it yourself at home, and they will only appreciate you more for it.

Do you suggest pointing out the differences between their current dryer to the one you are selling in?

Yes! Ask them what they like about their current hairdryer? Is it speed, is it the look of it, or is it the finish it gives them? Understanding this means you know what to point out to them to encourage an upgrade or just get them thinking about a new one.

What’s your top tip for stylists trying to retail a hairdryer?

Ask questions which will set you up to offer your clients solutions and showcase product benefits. For example, how long do you spend on your hair during the drying process? Would you like to speed up the drying time? We have a dryer that uses negative irons and dries your hair 2 x faster with less breakage and more shine! Would you like me to show you? Who could pass that up?

How old is your hairdryer? Like all mechanics the older the product keys the less the performance meets the original specs that you first had. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

What if they aren’t buying for themselves?

Good point! 68 per cent of consumers are buying hairdryers for themselves, but always ask the question. Don’t let hairdryers be a commodity – make them an object of desire. If it’s a gift maybe tie in a blow dry session at the salon for the receiver and that could entice new clientele as well as makes you look like the good guy – two birds and one hairdryer!

What do you think is the one thing that will always get a consumer over the line?

We often forget, especially when we are busy, actually giving the client the chance to hold it and try it out in a supported salon environment. Show them the make, talk about the benefits, the warranty length, explain all the nozzle types, explain they need to work their way up the hair in direction and with the heat settings and talk to the cool shot button and setting the hair.

Marie Uva, Grant Norton, Monique McMahon and Jules Tognini

Guaranteed what seems basic to you may not have ever been explained to them and it will leave them feeling confident in their ability, the tool and therefore more inclined the make the purchase on the spot!

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