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5 Things You Will Experience at the Dyson Professional Education Roadshows

The Dyson Professional Education Roadshows have officially kicked off, wowing an audience in Perth with some of the most superb talents and tools in the hair industry. Now that the inaugural effort is in the books Sydney and Melbourne are next on the agenda later in the year, and if you’re lucky enough to secure a ticket there are some of the inspiring event facets, you’re sure to experience.

Frank Apostolopoulos, Jayne Wild, Peter Thomsen, Damien Rinaldo and Ludmilla Hlinovsky

1. Learning from hair royalty

The Dyson Ambassadors include names we think you may have heard of. Industry kings, queens, educators and major award winners head the brand, with a team that consists of Damien Rinaldo, Joey Scandizzo, Peter Thomsen, Jayne Wild, Frank Apostolopoulos and Renya Xydis. Seeing all these masters in action together is a rare and dynamic opportunity.

Frank Apostolopoulos

2. Be inspired by new techniques

With such a stellar group on stage, it’s unsurprising that the things you’ll learn will be next level. In Perth, Damien taught his signature Boris Curtain Bang and Boned Pony, created for the crowd, with the hair legend teaching attendees how to achieve this elegant and iconic look. Jayne Wild and Frank Apostolopoulos also showed off their editorial talents, with a glitter glam aesthetic and live cutting to showcase why they’re two of the most respected and decorated hairdressers in the industry. Meanwhile, Peter Thomsen taught how to create the ultimate bodied, voluminous style with the all-new styling must-have Dyson Airwrap™ and its inimitable coanda effect. There are so many unique and inventive techniques to learn with the team.

3. Get up close and personal with the Dyson tools

From the all-new Dyson Airwrap™ styler to the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition, learn how to truly master these tools that have taken the hair styling industry by storm. Discover the way these tools aid efficiency, creativity and skill with their professional focus and modern elements built from an enormous amount of research into technology, styling, heat and hair itself.

4. Network

The Roadshow provides a space for like-minded hairdressers who want to learn and elevate their skills, to come together. In Perth, attendees experienced dynamic image taking with GIF machine, while also having photo opportunities. These playful aspects will make every national event fun as well as educational.

5. Goodie bags and discounts

The events will provide plenty of take-homes to satiate your need for the latest gadgets. Perth saw goodie bags and exclusive stylist pricing for the covetable Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer Professional edition, and we’re already salivating for other opportunities in the upcoming states.

The Roadshow will continue on its national tour, heading to Melbourne on August 26 before moving to Sydney on November 11 for a show at Carriageworks that boasts the dream team in full force. Secure your tickets and start counting down to these unmissable dates.

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