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Alfaparf Milano Unveil Leonardo Collection

Italian colour company Alfaparf Milano are encouraging colourists worldwide to channel their inner Leonardo, with a complete new colour palette and eclectic collection to encourage us to ‘dream like da Vinci’.

In an ever changing world of somewhat ‘disposable’ hair colour where people can change their look almost as often as they like, the true artisans and hedonistic leaders among us are looking for something original.

This is where Alfaparf Milano with their Leonardo collection have tapped into a desire called ‘uniqueness’, built on the belief that people always want to feel unique and original.

“We see an evolving trend for more creative shades – the greys, pinks, violets etc that were considered the preserve of avant-garde hairdressing 10 years ago are now becoming more mainstream in salons. However, these extreme colours are not so accessible to women in some walks of life. The da Vinci shades allow women to express their creativity and individuality in a more conservative and commercial way,” said Alfaparf Milano Marketing Manager Jacqui Germanos.

“Despite the fashion trends, the charm of classic colours is timeless, which is why three out of four women choose red, brown or blonde,” Jacqui said.

Exploring this tonal range is 6 completely new shades as part of the Leonardo collection –  traditional colours completely reinterpreted as some would say with ‘a thousand of our favourite little facets all in one tube. The result is tones that evoke curiosity, emotion and blur the lines between science and art.

Setting out to inspire stylists in a way beyond just hair colour – after all Leonardo was a painter, an architect, an inventor and a student of all things scientific, who’s natural genius crossed so many disciplines he epitomised the term then ‘renaissance man’ – for the brand it’s all about the classics of hair colour having a complete renaissance through a powerful and emotive collection.

The 6 new colours fall under the ‘evolution of the colour’ line – a favourite of Alfaparf Milano devotees across the world. The browns, coppers and blondes all follow the latest techniques, but with an absolutely brand new ‘third tone’.

This complex and sophisticated mixture of colours and different tones change by interacting with the light where warm and cool tones coexist and reach their maximum expression in combinations which expert colourists will love.

Mahogany with a thousand tones, Rich and gentle copper, red with eclectic reflections, copper with multi-faceted light, copper with multiple golden light and dark tones and Blonde with a complex dazzle make up the far from one dimensional six new formulas.

So in the fifth centenary of his death, Alfaparf Milano are imploring colourists globally to ‘Dream Like Leonardo’, and just like he would – beyond all imagination.

To further celebrate the launch, a complete collection of images and behind the scenes video was created to celebrate the pure artistry behind these classic shades – headlined by Vivica Davies International Educator for Alfaparf Milano.

“Creating a new colour is a laborious process – there are lots of samples made to refine shades each time. To perfect this process we created a machine that is linked to software that holds over 2000 formulas. This software reads the dyes that are used in each formula,” Jacqui said.

The brand are bringing the product and process of a true da Vinci Zeitgeist to leading salons who want to give consumers exactly what they want. It’s part of a huge 2019 for Alfaparf Milano as they welcome Bill Tsiknaris to the team as creative director and usher in a new phase for the brand entirely.

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