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Comfortel Unveil New Salon Interior Collections

Salon furniture brand Comfortel continues to change the game when it comes to salon aesthetics, continuously innovating their salon interior collections so salons can overhaul their whole space with a new, trending aesthetic, or pick out must-have pieces from their collections to cater to a particular style. We’re running through some of the very best looks the brand has offered, focusing on the 10 new looks released in 2019, in the name of total interior inspo.

The Romantic Collection

The collections range in style to suit salons with any aesthetic preference. Take the Australiana collection, which is based on rich, earthy hues that represent our sweeping national landscapes, and then jump to the Romantic, a soft, pretty, blush-based look complemented by wood grains, touches of metallic and contemporary pieces for total feminine luxe. Blush’in Bold becomes a different iteration of this, with feminine neutrals and midnight tones, as well as lush fabrics, for simple elegance in a contemporary fashion.

Australiana Collection

The Natural Scandi collection is a favourite, with uncluttered timber finishes and muted tones for a classic, organic style. Raw Industrial is another contemporary look for the modern-day urbanite, built on structural bold black pieces for a cooler club vibe.

Raw Industrial Collection

Moving to the zen side of the spectrum, the Light Minimalist look offers neutrals and raw finishes, in a refine aesthetic of paler tones that hero’s simple shapes, minimalist pieces, white, ivory, grey or sand tones and a back to basics overall concept.

Light Minimalist Collection

Luxe is key in many of the salon aesthetic, and A Touch of Luxe infuses classic elegance with a sophisticated edge – opulent furnishing, luxury textures and rich hues ensure a true designer style, with metallic accents, high-end light fittings and designer décor for subtle luxury. The Modernist is a monochromatically built style, with simple, structural, neutral pieces that contrasts black and natural nudes, as well as mattes and gloss for total depth.

A Touch of Luxe Collection

Comfortel offers other natural styles, such as Eco Urban, which creates a communal vibe built on clear light, space, simple black furnishings and that all-important pop of foliage, as well as natural and wood finishes. The Refined Boho look is its earthen luxury option, showcasing rustic textures, earthy colours and greens as a feature.

Eco Urban Collection

The company also delivers beauty salon looks, adapting Natural Scandi, A Touch of Luxe and Boho Beauty for the beauty salon in their soft, modern and earthy aesthetics.

Blush’in Bold Collection

There are so many aesthetics for you to explore and draw from as Comfortel continues to innovate the salon interior sector.

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