Tremayne Hair and beauty salon delivered a refined and ultra-luxurious renovation but didn’t forget the little guys.

Any salon who has undertaken a renovation, expansion or even just upgraded the salon chairs knows the time and expense you need to commit to aesthetic changes. For this hair and beauty salon in Melbourne, one of first thoughts amidst the change was to make sure the music creators whose talents helped to create the ambiance were paid – through an online music licence with OneMusic Australia. More than 100,000 Australian music creators and many more overseas count this as part of their income and more than 3,500 hair and beauty salons across Australia use licensed music in their businesses.

Ethical consumerism is a real thing. “Salons that don’t get permission for their music use and don’t purchase a music licence are not professional or ethical. You need a permit or licence for everything these days so I find it surprising that some salons wouldn’t respect that. The One Music licence transition was a very easy process.”

The extensive renovation and expansion of Tremayne hair and beauty salon in Toorak saw the 30 year old business deliver a “beautiful, elegant space unlike any other for our cutting, colouring and styling spaces as well as our beauty rooms,” says Manager Ainsley Neate who has worked for the current owner Gaye Dixon for seven of the ten years of Gaye’s ownership.

“The new salon boosts the luxurious, expansive feel and offers our clients an immersive experience. We wanted beautiful artwork on the walls, plush furnishings and a sense of space and light. That trickles down to everything the client touches or senses – Villeroy and Boch glassware, Jasper Conran homewares and beautiful music at a gentle volume that still allows intimate conversations between clients and our staff.

“Our background music is provided by StorePlay and is noticeable for its luxury and the ambiance it sets, just like the fit out of the salon with its effortless and classic design. We subscribe to three StorePlay channels – mostly jazz/relaxing/easy listening – and we constantly update the music as our clientele are very regular and – let’s face it – our hardworking staff are listening for hours each day.  Everyone who walks through our doors needs to feel this is instantly a space they can unwind and enjoy,” she said.

Salons who have been good music citizens and secured a licence from APRA AMCOS or PPCA will need to switch over to OneMusic a month before their current agreement lapses.  For unlicensed salons with little knowledge of music licensing, jump online and find out why every music-using salon needs permission (a licence) for use in a commercial setting –

A retail business of less than 51 square metres of ‘customer space’ (not including back rooms) with just a radio or television on need only budget for $85 a year for music licence fees. Fees are graduated depending on your particular music use.

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