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Joiken Introduces Color On

A new luxe colour offering is available via Joiken in the impressive Color On technology, which comes from Italy. The formulas are built around ideas of design and workability, with ingredients such as Argan Oil sourced from Morocco, Jojoba Oil from the USA and Olive Oil for ultimate care and pampering. Harnessing the power of 21st century technology, the brand also aids application and client care with its own intelligent app!

The result of these Italian developments is 90 shades including naturals in a 100ml tube mixed with COLOR ON oxidising emulsion cream peroxides. The brand boasts  a chemically balanced formula, which optimises the colour performance  and is simultaneously environmentally friendly.

Each COLOR ON tube is 100ml in size and with a standard mix ratio of 1:1.5 100ml colour + 150ml of Emulsion Crème Peroxide. It spans from a natural series, to the Interactive Reflect Series Shades of golds, coppers, reds, violets and more, all the way to the Super Lightener Hi Lift Series Shades.

Importantly, the brand provides a formulating app, which suggests colour mixtures and shows you and your client the end result. The clever app, titled COLOR ON Professional, allows you to create, edit and save your clients’ formula into the database, for personalised, consistent client care.

Color On uses modern insights and skills to become the next generation of colour, with tradition lessons built into its DNA and a complementary app taking it well into the future. The brand looks to break the mould and expand the conversation with boundary-less, dynamic colour formulations.

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