In this strange year that is 2020, social distancing and safe salon protocols continue to be absolutely imperative, for both legitimate health reasons and your clients’ and staff members’ significant comfort. Without the luxury of simply adding space to your salon to offer that distance, shield zone stands separate your clients from each other, create a barrier between people in the salon and give you maximum working room immediately and easily.

Joiken are offering the tools you need to maximise your efficiency and salon comfort levels this year and beyond, with shield zone stands in two sizes of large and small. The large stands measure at 120cm width and 160cm height while the small stands are 82cm by 160cm in width and height.

The stands are designed with modular lightweight Perspex with an aluminium frame, only adding to the salon’s décor with the simple, modern and practical design, rather than taking away from the salon aesthetic with a disorganised or over the top look. Moreover, the savvy pieces are assembled in only three simple steps.

The pieces offer your clients their own privacy and salon space, making them feel safeguarded and protected when they enter your salon. They are also adaptable to any area of the salon, becoming ideal for hair salons and barbershops, as well as beauty salons, tattoo parlours and other self care services.

The exclusive distributor Complete Hair & Beauty Warehouse is also offering standing hand sanitiser dispensers, another crucial salon accessory for 2020, making your clients feel taken care of, safe and at ease in your space.

It’s a sign of the unfortunate times that this is the staple salon furniture piece of 2020, but your salon absolutely needs this addition for more working space, greater comfort for staff and clients and stronger efficiency in salon. Go ahead and add to cart.

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