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Learn About Revlon Professional’s Magn±t™ Technology

Revlon Professional are protecting vibrant hair colour in the battle against overall pollution, fighting against external aggressors as they negatively impact colour precision, vibrancy and condition. In that pursuit, meet Magn±t™, which offers bold technology to protect hair’s appearance, health, structure and shininess in today’s modern world, both in salon and on the retail shelf. The range’s titular + and – technology works within the particles of the hair to become a comprehensive answer to environmental damage as it subtly and silently damages hair.

The formula utilises the brand’s exclusive Pollupl±x™ System, an advanced combination of chelating agents, antioxidants, keratin reinforcers and shield ingredients, created after years of advanced scientific research. This neutralises, removes and repels daily deposits of pollutants on the hair and scalp throughout the service, while also counteracting the effects of poor water quality during cleansing. The versatile product line can be used in conjunction with any colour with various product iterations to best suit lightening and colour services, as well becoming a hero tool for care. A major concern for salons is pollution’s negative implications for the colouring process, which makes it more difficult for hairdressers to predict the final colour in a service. Therefore, Magn±t™ is the answer to true colour expression and hair integrity.

During colouring and lightening, there are three steps to depollute, cleanse and protect the hair. The Magn±t™ Anti-Pollution Neutralizer, Colour Lock Repairing Shampoo and Anti-Pollution Daily Shield comprise this process. The products neutralise the negative effects of metals during technical services, as well as that of poor water quality, fight against free radical formation, protect and recover the hair’s inner structure and reduce metal build up. The tools also shield hair from pollutants, offer UV protection, remove unpleasant odours and fight frizz, and can be combined with any brand colour service.

In care, the Magn±t™ Anti-Pollution Micellar Cleanser, Anti-Pollution Restoring Mask and, again, the Anti-Pollution Daily Shield become your clients’ ideal take home products for hair health with steps to cleanse, moisturise and protect. The products remove external pollutants and impurities from the hair and scalp, reduce particle deposits and protect the hair, building on the positive, healthy qualities offered by the in-salon service.

This process delivers proven results to your clients, with tests showing the highly effective nature of the technology in repairing and protecting hair under these modern circumstances. Vibrancy, shine and an accurate colour result are all achievable with the technology, for reliable results and a comprehensive process in and out of the salon.

The technology savvy product range is a necessity for 21st century clients in our current environmental climate. Take advantage of this bold technology as a new and important salon service.

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