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Profile: Allure Hair and Beauty X Lakmé

Allure Hair and Beauty salon, with two locations in South Australia, has carved an important niche for itself with glossy blondes with real, lasting and touchable colour that forgo the filter. Behind the lens, constant education, a sparkling salon environment and crucial tools from Lakmé keep their colour work instantly covetable.

With a salon demographic largely based around millennials in two salons in Morphett Vale and Seaford Meadows, and a beachy locale for the latter, salon owner Alisha Heron knows her bread and butter is in stand out blondes, and it’s no surprise this particular colour work accounts for a major service in the salons. Heading to the Allure Hair and Beauty Instagram feed, the salons share these blondes to thousands of followers, capturing in one image an impressive commitment to education, service and evolution, as well as their significant relationship with Lakmé colour.

“I’ve worked with girls who used to work with Lakmé and said it was really amazing and they loved it, so I went to some hair nights where they showed us the product and I played around with it” Alisha said of her brand origin story. “The integrity of the gloss range is beautiful, it lasts really well, it is a really high quality range that fades out beautifully and doesn’t need to be freshened up.”

Alisha counts these glosses as a personal hero product, touting the included jojoba oil ingredient as necessary in creating that trademark #lakmeshine, but her love of the product extends to the range at large. Her favourite formulas prove extremely versatile in catering to a range of client colour desires.

“One of my favourite formulas would be 7/6/1, because it’s a mixture of depth and lightness, it creates that equal medium of beautiful colour without being one or the other,” she said. “I also love 9/1/3 and 10/2/0, that’s that beautiful clean colour. Another favourite is 10/4/0, that’s a strawberry blonde colour that has that punch to it and looks amazing on the right blonde. Our clients love the shine and reflex in the colours, even something as simple as 5/0/6 has so much guts to it, it gives someone a lot of punch to their hair.”

The salon prides itself on its internal commitment to education, and the way it is constantly pushing itself to keep up to date with trends, industry happenings and social media crazes to offer everything and anything to their clients. Mixed with a unique and dynamic salon culture and DNA and that all-important quality of service with premium results, and their loyal client base and winning formula is plain to see.

“Our customer service sets us apart,” Alisha confirmed. “We create an environment that’s really fun and bubbly, and we deliver high quality work. We have quite an extensive education calendar for the year, we always try to evolve and keep up with popular things within the industry. That’s definitely a very strong point, we’re always up with the latest trends; we’re able to offer that to our client base. There’s no trend that we would be confused as to how to go down that path, we’re always able to offer the latest in the industry to our clients.”

One of those major colour trends at the moment is a wearable and skilled look titled ‘face framing’. The dimensional aesthetic can only be achieved with the talent of the colourist and top-tier technology, another ideal challenge that Allure Hair and Beauty and Lakmé can tackle together with aplomb. Beyond these trends, the diversity of Lakmé means Allure Hair and Beauty has mastered all relevant hues, from their trademark blondes and beyond.

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“’Face framing’ has become very common, creating a little more lightness around the front with depth at the back,” Alisha confirmed. “Additionally, Lakmé has the most beautiful brunettes in their range, they have so much shine, depth and reflex.”

It’s not just the multi-dimensional hues that make for this perfect partnership, it’s also the pairing of two likeminded businesses that ensures a recipe for success, as Allure Hair and Beauty has found with Lakmé distributor Haircare Australia. The innovative family-style company matches Allure Hair and Beauty in their focus on education, professionalism and true, important relationships.

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“I’ve been with Haircare Australia for a few years now, it’s very important for me to connect with brands that have a passion and want to see your business succeed, that’s the really cool things about being a part of Haircare Australia,” Alisha said. “They have excellent education like the Lakmé academy that we send two of our girls to every year and every time we send them to there we see such a great improvement regarding education. Haircare Australia is a really great company to be a part of.”

Thriving with trending, clickable and always evolving colour work, with the support of great tools, resources, brands and a stellar mindset behind them, Allure Hair and Beauty is a jewel of South Australia. Here’s to strong mindsets, great colour and Aussie businesses helping each other succeed.

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