Jules Tognini is something of an industry celebrity, with a social media army, education dynasty and renowned personality in the hairdressing sphere. Here, he chats to us about his relationship with ghd, their new helios tool and his thoughts on the blow-dry at large.

How did ghd helios surprise you when you first used it?

It’s so much lighter! That was definitely something when I first picked it up. I’m not a big long-haired celebrity stylist – instead I do a lot of short hair, a lot of salon hair and education. Working with the ghd helios, being so lightweight, and using the different heat and speed ratios you have all these options which give you more styling control. The nozzle on the ghd helios is next level for styling control. The design’s really good, and the colours are great – I’m a bit of a visual guy so that matters to me. I never really felt attached to a hairdryer before, until now! It’s been really awesome.

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What is a surprising technical tip you do when drying clients’ hair?

A lot of people get really excited by high speed, high heat. And for a salon stylist that may be what you need, but for a client in their own home, it’s important to they realise that sometimes it’s more about the control they need to work with when styling their own hair. I advise them to start on a slow speed, at a lower heat and work their way up rather than trying to blast their dryer from the word go.

Another tip I give clients is about the damage that leaving your hair to air dry can cause – it just leaves your hair a little but more open to the elements, so by using a hairdryer like the ghd helios and just sealing it down, it will enhance your smoothness and condition of the hair.

Would you buy Helios for yourself? Does it make your life easier?

Well I was lucky enough to be given one to play with when ghd were building up to this launch, but yeah I really would. I travel a fair bit, and when you travel a lot you tend to sometimes use a lot of kits and whenever I did, I was missing the helios.

What do you think clients will love most about the ghd helios?

The weight of it definitely, and I think the shape and the colours are really appealing. It’s a nice, slick looking hairdryer. Clients like to go for a powerful hairdryer as well, and the ghd helios absolutely ticks all those boxes.


What are your clients looking for from a hairdryer, and how to you think ghd helios meets those needs?

As a stylist we would never recommend our clients going with anything but a professional line. Just like the difference between using a store-bought shampoo & a professional shampoo, it’s the same thing with a cheap and cheerful hairdryer as opposed to a professional hairdryer like the ghd helios. You’re going to find the ghd helios looks after your hair a lot better, which makes our jobs a lot easier as hairdressers.

How do you think the different colours will be received by clients?

I think they’ll love it; I think it’s good to get away from just boring black! I know for hairdressers black is always in, but it’s nice for clients to have options of a few different tones. To tell you the truth I think the white helios will just absolutely run out the door.

Favourite blow-dry look to create?

I do a lot of lived-in hair, using my hairdryer with a bit more freehand style. Using the helios with a lot of scrunching techniques works really, really well and there’s a bit more control with those techniques as well. I also do a lot of bobs, and to be able to keep life in your bobs is really important, so being able to use a hairdryer like the helios which doesn’t blow-dry the life out of the hair and still gives me an airy and flexible texture is perfect.

What’s the first blow-drying top you got as an apprentice?

I was made to blow-dry everyone’s hair on cold to understand technique. Blow-drys use to take me about two hours, and now I’m down to about an hour and a half. See, 13 years and half an hour down, I’m killing it!

Why do you love partnering with ghd?

Funnily enough my connections go back right to the start when ghd first came out in Australia; my parents bought ghd before I was even a hairdresser, and that was my initial connection, so it goes a long way back.

It’s really nice partnering with people who are so like-minded. I have this big thing about working with good people, and ghd not only know their stuff, they take it really seriously and put the support behind everything they do. Obviously ghd are bigger than any other brand in Australia, and the support and education they put behind their products is great.

What is your favourite career moment with ghd?

The launch of ghd helios; it’s great to be part of a product launch when I’m so new into the ghd family. I’m also really pumped about what’s coming up; we’ve got a great collaborative working relationship so I’m really excited to work together with ghd. We’re really focused on content creation and I’m looking forward to working with the wider creative team on that.

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