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Welcome the Goldie Styling Chair

Comfort and style are the main priorities with Joiken’s new, must-have Goldie Styling Chair. A luxury and stylish silhouette is constructed with materials to truly stand out and add a sense of elegance to your salon as a staple piece.

The furniture piece is balanced with a padded back for an element of extra comfort. From a point of design, there are gold finishes for the opulence and luxury your salon needs.

The piece can be paired with other important Joiken options, for example a Joiken workstation as a bold salon statement.

Anchored in trending metallic and timeless black with a mix of materials made to epitomise luxury in every facet, this one piece can overhaul your entire space. Opt for luxury, comfort and supreme elegance as you put both your salon design and clients first, with Joiken.

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