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Aveda for David Jones AW’13

Aveda returned for the fourth season as official hair partner at the David Jones Autumn/Winter Fashion launch last night with two key season looks from stylist Terri Robertson-Kirkwood – the Tassel and the Contemporary Bardot.

“We’re calling it the tassel because unlike a regular ponytail that’s pulled tight it’s got a little bit of body and then the ponytail section is allowed to be volumus. Everybody has been prepped with the Invati range and then it’s all about Pure Abundance,” said Terri of the subtle volume.

“The Tassel is the epitome of the new ponytail and the look represents a feeling that is going through everything at the moment, especially in hair. We’ve had straight, then grandeur and now we’re going for subtle volume where it is all about building volume into the hair rather than gluing it in – it’s about getting the groundwork done,” she added.

Hero products Phomollient and Pure Abundance were joined by the brand’s recently release Invati system with models given a sample pack in the days leading up to the show.

“For the second look we wanted to achieve a sexy, bed-head, sex-kitten look but again it has a very subtle chicness to it; it’s undone but it’s groomed undone. So it’s a little step up from the grunge and again it’s about that volume and movement. You see on the catwalk how it moves, it’s soft and the Invati and Pure Abundance have given it that good foundation,” said Terri.

Influencing both Aveda looks, Terri highlighted volume as the key trend for the season: “textural volume but with a groomed high-end finish where the volume isn’t height, it’s about mass,” she explained but there was something else that caught her eye.

“Surprisingly this season, a lot of the regular models have cut their hair off – they’ve cut it above shoulder length and it works so well with this idea of undone volume on the catwalk. With 50 models and so many having gone for the chop, there must a trend there.”

And that’s the long and short of it.

*Images courtesy of David Jones

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