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Crimson Phoenix

Positioned a stone’s throw from the luscious delicacies of South Melbourne market, this boutique is truly in its element.

Crimson Phoenix interior

Nicknamed the ‘evil temptress’ to Melbourne fashion junkies with a permanent itch for Australian and international designer collections, Crimson Phoenix is a treasure trove for the wandering style setter.

Accessories, gifts, beauty and skincare operate in unison for beauty therapy backup – fatigue and a new-season wardrobe go hand in hand, and who wants to confuse crimson with cherry-red? The whirlwind of labels including Lover, Kate Sylvester, Marnie Skillings, Manning Cartell, Dhini, Gary Bigeni, Third Millennium, Joveeba, Woodford & Co, Camilla & Marc and Gail Sorronda impose a fashion flush.

Nestled behind closed doors lies a world of pure, all-enveloping pampering – facials, body wraps, massage and beauty treatments with products such as USPA and Ultraceuticals act as the perfect interlude to finding the perfect getup.

Forever imparting the thrill of discovery, Crimson Phoenix has something new for the most seasoned fashionista.

Crimson Phoenix
298 Coventry Street
South Melbourne, VIC
Ph: (03) 9696 8268

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