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For many, a tattoo’s permanence has long been the primary deterrent in stamping their latest love on their body. Tattoo ink has been the traditional domain of those bold enough to make the commitment to infinity and beyond. Infinitink is a permanent yet easily removable world first.


Ten years in the making – many moons after regret has plagued tattoo goers all over the world, the future of the tattoo phenomenon has been revolutionised and tattoo artists are all over it, Finally they can facilitate a client’s first and most significant stumbling block in getting a tattoo – the realisation of its permanency.

Infinitink was developed by Dr Rox Anderson, a Harvard dermatology professor and director of the Wellman Centre for Photomedicine in Massachusetts, in association with Dr Edith Mathiowitz, a professor of medical science and engineering at Brown University. Mathiowitz specialises in microencapsulating medicines, DNA, hormones and the insulin in plastic polymers which control the time and rate drugs release in the body.

This technology was then applied to ink, trapping dye pigments in microscopic beads coasted with safe, biodegradable plastic, designed to break open when exposed to heat. The result is an ink that is up to four times easier to remove compared to standard ink.

Skin Deep Tattoo in Sydney’s Newtown has been a leader in the tattoo industry since opening in 2001 and has used Infinitink with great results on several clients. Ryan Ussher works predominantly at Skin Deep Tattoo in Newtown and has built an enviable reputation for clients wanting work that is truly individual.

“I prefer to do custom work which allows me to personalise any design, picture or style, and while the Infinitink range is limited in colour choice at the moment with black and red only I haven’t had any complaints since using it and the application process is no different to regular ink,” Ryan said.

Infinitink helps eliminate the worry for the nervous customer or seasoned pro and while traditional methods of removal are arduous and expensive, it is set to emerge as a leading product across the globe.

To book in for an Infinitink tattoo with Ryan at Skin Deep Tattoo in Newtown visit or phone (02) 9557 0002.

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