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evo for Art Series Hotel Group

evo is proud to announce its collaboration with the Art Series Hotel Group beginning November 1st, 2012.

The Art Series Hotel Group will stock evo products across all hotels including The Cullen, The Olsen and The Blackman and evo will also be amenity of choice at The Watson in Walkerville and The Larwill in Parkville, new locations opening for the Group in Adelaide in 2013 and Melbourne in 2014 respectively.

Each room will have an amenity kit consisting of evo mini’s: Cake (body and face bar), Soap Dodger (body wash), Self-Indulgence (body crème), Ritual Salvation (shampoo), Ritual Salvation (conditioner) and additionally the Penthouses will feature a full size range of evo products.

The collaboration has also spawned a new range of grooming items specifically created by evo for the Art Series Group including: Final Touch (vanity kit), The Janitor (sanitary bag), Buffy (shoe shine) and Rain Helmet (shower cap).

Garth Gauvin, evo Marketing Director sees the partnership as another exciting notch in evo’s belt as the brand continues to gather momentum locally and internationally.

“I have admired the way Art Series Hotels have quickly established themselves as a business that sets the trends in its industry rather than following them. We both pride ourselves on encouraging people to question the norm whilst having a lot of fun along the way. For evo, working with Art Series Hotels couldn’t make more sense.”

The deal has been sealed with a stamp of approval with the Art Series Hotels logo incorporated within the existing evo branding.

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