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Igloo Zoo

The latest purveyor of sweet treats on the block, Igloo Zoo is the one stop shop for a healthy sugar fix with a gourmet edge.

Igloo Zoo

New to Sydney, Victoria and the Gold Coast – cool pastel and crisp white hues soothe at Igloo Zoo where 99.4% fat free frozen yoghurts are the order of the day.

Enter the igloo and choose your favourite yoghurt flavour (original, pomegranate or green tea) before adorning it with a selection of thirty delectable toppings including chocolate covered Goji berries, lychees, coconut flakes, mini marshmallows and vanilla and almond clusters which are sure to make your tastebuds sing.

If straight up yoghurt bores, request the smoothie style Igloo blend or Igloo Crunch where the yoghurt rests on a bed of freshly shaved ice.

And just when you thought the Igloo couldn’t get any cooler, all outlets offer free wi-fi so you can chill out while icing up. Delish.

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