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Love Your Hair

A recipe book for hair styling, Richard Kavanagh launches Love Your Hair – dissecting 25 looks shot by reknowned Sydney based fashion photographer Stephen Chee.

Love Your Hair by Richard Kavanagh

“Did you know that a woman will do ‘something’ to her own hair on average 43 out of every 45 days – the other two days someone else does something to it,” remarks Richard.

“My project is a book called Love Your Hair and it’s designed to make those 43 odd other days much easier and more beautiful for everyone. Let’s face it, if your hair looks good, you feel good and you radiate joy and goodlookingness to everyone around you.”

From effortlessly glamorous to casually chic, the 25 looks featured in Love Your Hair are laid out in an easy to follow format showing exactly what tools and products are needed, how long styling will take and what sort of hair is best suited to each style.

It also features chapters on products, hair types and tools in easy to understand language with no confusing technical jargon.

Richard Kavanagh

“I’ve tested all the recipes on unsuspecting punters at seminars and shows all over the planet as well as on national TV,” says Richard. “They work, they’re easy to follow and simple to achieve.”

Love your hair?
Not quite as much as you’d like to?
Want to love it more?
This recipe book is for you…

*Love Your Hair, published by Random House, will be available through selected salons – for more information email 

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