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Maedaya Sake Bar & Grill

With more than 70 types of Japanese tapas and 60 varieties of sake on offer, Melbourne’s Maedaya Sake Bar and Grill is the Samurai of them all.

Maedaya Sake Bar & Grill

The forward thinkers of Architect EAT have created a surreal dining space using naturally crafted materials – the result is an eclectic mix of texture and resources that capture the spirit of Japan, respecting the culture’s preference for simplicity and minimalism.

A tunnel of climbing ropes invite patrons into a space that, beyond impressive symmetry, invites a deeper understanding of the traditional bounding of Sake (conventionally bottled in timber casks and sealed with rice paper and rope) – a modern interpretation of the Japanese philosophy that resounds across two levels.

Madaeya sake wall
Madaeya Sake wall

Timber joins Tarzan’s swinging device on ground level along with a grill where 70 different Japanese tapas and yakitori regularly satiate taste buds at the expert advice of Japanese Sake master, Toshi Maeda – keen adviser on a complementary brew.

Moving upstairs, the function room offers stark contrast to the warm wood of the lower level, with white-washed walls, Japanese black-stained timber flooring and raw stainless steel canopies – a clean, minimalist space that allows food and beverage to take control of the senses.

Photography: Derek Swalwell

Maedaya Sake Bar
400 Bridge Road
Richmond, VIC
(03) 9428 3918

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