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Ministry of Sound Uncovered

Ministry of Sound

Like a modern interpretation of vintage fashion, there’s nothing quite like a fresh take on a favourite tune. Ministry of Sound’s latest offering Uncovered injects new life into old tracks with covers spanning classical, dance, indie-rock and chilled acoustic genres – the double CD covers the full musical gamut with something for everyone.

The compilation features faithful renditions of the originals alongside tracks that offer a complete departure. Everything from The Doors, Kings of Leon, David Bowie, Outkast, New Order, Duffy, Blondie, Crowded House and The White Stripes get a reworking alongside INXS, Guns ‘n’ Roses and The Cure.

Jose Gonzales’ well-loved offering is predictably ethereal – his cover of The Knife’s Heartbeat is a stand out and Placebo’s version of the Kate Bush classic “Running up that Hill” is so good it almost makes you forget the original.

Uncovered is in stores on June 26, 2009.

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