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Oscar Oscar colour burst

Oscar Oscar Salons Sydney colourist, Michael Kelly recently took a magical colour adventure with Romance Was Born designer Anna Plunkett.

Anna Plunkett

A client of Oscar Oscar Salons in Sydney for many years, a recent visit saw Anna come to the salon with photographs of crazy hair and wild wigs that she liked to create a new colour look from.

“Usually clients aren’t involved in the process of mixing and selecting colours but as Anna is an amazing fashion designer with a great eye for colour we worked in partnership by testing colours and selecting the best options that would work with her skin tones,” said Kelly.

“The tones we loved included a fuchsia pink, a fluro-plastic pink and a pastel fairy floss pink! With this colour combination I used the deeper pink tones for around the frame of her hair, to give her more density, while we used a more pastel tone on the interior, which gave the illusion of thicker hair. From there I used my own creative freehand flow, smudging tones to create different sections of softness and brightness as I felt were needed.”

“The result was kaleidoscope of colour, a really daring concept which perfectly suited Anna’s creative personality,” Kelly said.

“I love Michael’s excitement over my love of colour, he knows how to make my ideas come to life,” Plunkett added. 

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