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The Bourbon Chapter #2

This King’s Cross icon has undergone a Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman style makeover, and the distinguished love interests are swooning, writes Lauren King.

Kings Cross. A mere mention of the Sydney night spot and faces twist in disgust, cheeks turn crimson and hangovers roll up their sleeves. So why do well versed businessman and co-operations elect the tainted playground as their location of choice? Because it’s an institution – Kings Cross holds many of the true stories shaping Sydney’s colourful history to date.

Porky’s, Pizza and The Bourbon – each as symbiotic with ‘The Cross’ as the next, however one has recently welcomed a facelift and new ‘tude’ to match, subsequently tipping its hat to a new breed of revellers.

The Bourbon. What was once a low-lit bar scene with grit for the locals, is now a low-lit fine establishment for distinguished folk – who are also local, considering The Bourbon lies on Macleay Street’s ‘upper’ side, Potts Point.

Before faces again twist in disdain for the loss of an icon in all its lived in glory, think again. The Bourbon’s new chapter pays homage to its heritage with unique eats and live music on tap. Designed in the spirit of New Orleans, and written for a lavish localised palette, expect an oyster bar,  pork to perfection, lobster and gentleman’s-club style cocktails among brass, marble, Italian glass and timber walnut. It’s luxe meets Lucifer, and you’ll be sure to sin in more ways than one.

“The Bourbon has such history and heritage,” says Managing Director, Chris Cheung.

“The concept was developed to honour this but reflect modern day aesthetic and style. We realise the opportunity to contribute to the regeneration of Kings Cross and strongly believe The Bourbon will bring a new vitality to the area, ultimately becoming a favoured dining and entertainment destination for Sydneysiders.”

It’s no lie these Sydneysiders swallow many a new establishment before they’ve chewed twice. This city is fast, as are its people – the top tier of their game in Australia’s height of opportunity. But it’s the sheer diversity in tastes, tipples and tunes coupled with a symbolic soul that make The Bourbon a polished shoe-in to thrive.

Whether it’s live Indie rock by bar food-with-class, wine and cheese for an afternoon of jazz or long acoustic nights wet with elegant pours, The Bourbon has the menu and majesty to make it a grand affair, Sir.

The Bourbon
22 Darlinghurst Road
Potts Point, NSW
(02) 9338 1000


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