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Darek Wierzbicki

As premier sponsor of the Generation Next show, Matrix invited Canadian Hairdresser of The Year 2010; Darek Wierzbicki to the stage as the evening’s international guest artist. He blew audiences away with his inspiring designs, fashion-focused colour combinations and his overall onstage presence.
His collection demonstrated ethereal and avant-garde models dressed in white to transport the audience to the haute couture of hairdressing from the future.

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With a clear message; that creativity has no limits, Darek experimented with exaggerated sculptural shapes and embellishments of coloured buttons and discs, all set and threaded into the hair as sculptures. Trinkets and accessories complimented and contrasted surreal colour work for the show’s futuristic, yet feminine feel.

For the show’s finale, Darek revealed his piece de resistance – a futuristic goddess of hair featuring an exaggerated yet beautiful, 17th century up-style, with silver and metallic hues of colour woven through it, with flashes of blue and mauve, adorned with large ‘buttons’ made entirely out of hair.

The dramatic end of the show saw the model parade down the runway, wearing a white train that was almost as long as the stage itself.


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