Shot in both a studio and at a beach in the Royal National Park south of Sydney over two days, O&M‘s new collection and video will be launched at Hair Expo 2010.

The stills and video reflect O&M’s belief that a more natural ingredient direction doesn’t mean the brand can’t have a polished aesthetic. 

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Hair throughout was by the team at Stevie English, a long time O&M salon, headed by Verity Griffiths and freelance make up artist Desiree Wise.

Verity who has recently been named a finalist for her photographic collection for Hair Expo Salon Stylist of the Year said, “The brief for Annabella’s hair was for something uncomplicated, almost unstyled looking. We chose a cut and colour that is extremely current and then held back and avoided over-styling it.”

“We wanted it to be an exact explanation of where the brand sits, low in chemical stress but very high in current cosmetic style. Iadded a few rows of extra hair into Annabella’s, that had been coloured by Steve when he did hers, to pump up her dry-hair looks. We flowed constantly between wet and dry focusing on texture, silhouette and mood. It was a combination of a loose ’50’s set and textured under-water babe,” she added.

O&M Artistic Director Stevie English coloured Anabella’s hair using O&M Hi Lift 12/89 Pearl Blonde and said, “Full colours rock; it’s hard to get a perfect blonde, a balance between not too cool, and not too warm. Also, knowing we needed the colour to look fresh both dry and wet is a very tricky balance with hair colour. Marilyn Monroe is the original blonde and she was my inspiration for this shoot.”

O&M will also be presenting a ‘Live Shoot’ at Hair Expo, showcasing three themed looks that ultimately harmonise, inspired by the 1950s.