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SteamPod Secrets

Go behind-the-scenes with L’Oréal Professionnel SteamPod Ambassador Brad Ngata to discover the world’s first steam straightening system, SteamPod.

“Traditionally with an iron they are set at one temperature which sends the hair into heat shock causing the hair to dry out. The steam is really beneficial to the hair because it gently penetrates the cuticle,” says Brad Ngata, SteamPod Ambassador.

Likened to a soft natural blow dry finish, SteamPod is a ‘steam styling’ treatment system with a zero guilt factor when heat styling.

“If you imagine the hair as rope and if it is really damaged and dry all of the fibres of the rope are left quite open. You’ll see the actual hair becomes tighter with steam. The result is really beautiful, conditioned hair that’s shiny, natural and has an incredible strength to it,” explains Brad.

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