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TONI&GUY Celebrates 50 Years

To celebrate their 50th year, TONI&GUY Australia presented an exciting and inspiring show on stage to an audience of over 1500 people at the Hair Expo Opening Night Gala.

Exclusively to Styleicons, you can watch the entire TONI&GUY show below!

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The video presents a tribute to the British heritage of a the brand, the show was a creative collaboration between the Australian and British Artistic Teams, showcasing the classic, iconic and timeless fashion so indicative of TONI&GUY.

The show revealed the evolution of TONI&GUY and their mission to be authentic creators and ambassadors for hair innovation. A highlight of the show was a presentation headed by International Artistic Director and 2011 Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year Indira Schauwecker, whose presented her ability to mould the fabric of hair into a series of sculptures.

Dennis Langford Managing Director TONI&GUY Australia was thrilled with the evening and the cohesion of the team both backstage and on stage, “I have an immense pride to be part of this family.  It is not a forged feeling but one of absolute sincerity. The talent within the Australian Creative Team is incredible, but for me, it is the unity and cohesion of that team backstage that is the maker of the real magic on the stage.” 

Dennis Langford (General Manager of TONI&GUY Australia), Toni Mascolo (Founder of TONI&GUY) & Graham Langford (Managing Director of LABEL.M and Director of TONI&GUY)

Toni Mascalo, Founder of TONI&GUY Worldwide was honoured to be attending on the night, “Australia is full of warm people, who are artistic to the core. My aim has always been to upgrade our hairdressing craft, make it a profession to be proud of.  It is an honor for me to be here.”

For more information about TONI&GUY, visit or call 02 9380 2299.

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