One word: Ferrari. What if clippers and trimmers could perform like a sportscar? Power, luxury and, most importantly, performance are BaBylissPRO’s motto, so that’s why they’ve collaborated with Ferrari to deliver high torque motors, stainless steel blades and cordless convenience to catapult clippers and trimmers into the future.

Dateline Imports is thrilled, once again, to be the home of new and existing BaBylissPRO tools, designed by styling professionals for styling professionals. The BaBylissPRO clipper and trimmer philosophy is simple: perfect a seamless blend of design, engineering and technology. Let’s take a closer look at the clipper and trimmer models to see what sets BaBylissPRO apart. First, the exciting new arrivals:

GOLDFX Metal Lithium Clipper

Ferrari-designed motor. That’s all you need to know about this clipper to realise it’s a competitor, a performer and most, importantly, fast and powerful. GOLDFX is a cord/cordless lithium clipper equipped with a high torque, brushless Ferrari-designed engine.

GOLDFX Metal Lithium Trimmer

Sisters in speed. Just like the GOLDFX Metal Lithium Clipper, the Trimmer is also fitted with a Ferrari-designed engine for speed, precision and power.

FOILFX02 Cordless Metal Double-Foil Shaver

Extra-power for extra-close shaving! Equipped with a powerful rotary motor, this full-size, professional metal foil shaver is perfectly designed for shaving the neck, face and hairline.

BaBylissPRO and Ferrari – it’s an Italian match made in heaven! And now let’s take a look at the existing range of BaBylissPRO clippers and trimmers available at Dateline Imports:

  • Steel FX Pivot Clipper: Supercharged pivot motor with 9000 movements per minute, delivering 153 cuts per second. Whoa!
  • Steel FX Cord/Cordless Trimmer: Super high torque brushless motor with Japanese steel blades.
  • Cordless Pro Trimmer: Always a professional. This composed classic is a salon mainstay.

  • Palm Micro Trimmer: Mini-sized for comfortable handheld use.
  • Nose and Ear Trimmer: Circular cutting system which is safe on sensitive areas.

BaBylissPRO sets a supercharged pace with boldly innovative clippers and trimmers with enhanced motors and highly specialised blade systems.

BaBylissPRO is exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand through Dateline Imports P/L. For more information visit or follow Dateline Imports Instagram or Dateline Imports Australia Facebook