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Bespoke Braids Are Where It’s AT!

Every influencer is rocking them. Every session stylist is reworking them and salons are finding braided details the new ‘most requested’ millennial look.

The variation, contrast and adaptation of these woven masterpieces are transcending all the fashion norms. The thing is, these aren’t the braids you wore to school or the bridal detail you might expect; they’re aggressive, yet understated and they are here to stay, working their way through every long, short, messy, straight and curly look you could possibly imagine.

When was the last time you scrolled your Insta feed, favourite blog, or runway review without seeing some form of a braided technique? Take fashion week for example. These are no longer the complex looks reserved for the runway, attendees were flocking to salons for early morning braid appointments to ensure their fashion week look was totally on point and camera ready.

Like any ‘hero’ hair look the foundation of its creation must be structured and supported by great styling tools and preparation.  During the course of Fashion Week, Revlon Professional partnered with Adilla Colab to prep the countries best beauty editors and influencers for their fashion week duties.

Over the course of two days, some seriously show-stopping braided looks were created. With the Veronica’s wearing three unique braided looks between them. Each look contrasting the previous creation. Soft undone plaits worked into messy wavy texture gave a really commercial feel to one look, while another more avant gaurde “Harajuku” inspired look was red-carpet ready. To complete the braided trilogy a final polished editorial look was a fusion of street-style with high fashion.

This trend has the fluidity to go from Boho to athletic from model-off-duty to red carpet ready. So brush up on your weaves and break down the barriers and rules of how you can work with these looks to create some of the most ‘instagramable’ content you will ever capture. These looks are not just brilliant for photographic stills but the perfect segue to move into video tutorial for clients and industry education.