Sharon Blain, internationally recognised Australian hairdresser and owner of the award-winning Art of Hair salon in Sydney, has recently switched to using Big Towel Company disposable towels. Why would anyone use a disposable towel? Isn’t the planet’s environmental mantra ‘reduce, reuse, recycle”? What benefits are there to a single-use towel? As it happens, there are many benefits to these towels – both environmental and economical.

With her finger constantly on the pulse, Sharon recognised the potential for disposable towels in her salon and subsequently established Big Towel Company – a business that sells disposable towels to hairdressing salons, beauty salons, and spas around Australia.

Theses towels are a sustainable and cost saving solution to
* Sky-rocketing electricity bills
* Wasted time spent folding towels and laundering
* Reducing your carbon foot print

For as little as 40 cents each, these highly absorbent, hygienic and biodegradable towels are changing the way salons do business.

Until the end of September buy 1,000 Big Towel Company towels at a cost of $400 + gst plus postage and receive, absolutely free, the hottest long hair training video on the market today: Jewel, by Big Towel Company Director Sharon Blain – Valued at $95.00.

Call 1300BIGTOWEL or visit for a free sample and to take advantage of our DVD promotion.