Blonde is the most popular colour in professional salons and the most searched-for colour on the major Social Networks. But let’s not limit it to a colour, Blonde is an attitude, a lifestyle.

Lightscale 10

Lightscale 10 by Lisap, is a new charcoal bleach paste with the lightening power up to 10 levels creating the perfect blonde plus leaves hair healthy and hydrated. Lightscale 10 has a progressive processing time of up to 90 minutes. It can be used with a heat source to accelerate the processing time and is suitable for all techniques*.

Why is Lightscale 10 so effective? The Charcoal Sugar Complex, contained in the bleach has a dual-action complex of sugars and charcoal. The sugars work on the surface, in the cuticle, protecting and hydrating the hair throughout the lightening process. The Charcoal, not only gives the bleaching paste its characteristic black colour, it also neutralises unwanted yellow/orange undertones whilst purifying the hair.

This bleach powder with The lightening power up to 9 levels is ideal to create that perfect blonde

With up to 9 levels lighter this white bleach powder uses a Aminosugar Care Complex that boost the lightening process with total hairprotection.This bleach acts faster that the average bleaching productso n the marketand is suitable for all techniques.

Amino Sugar Care Complex is a dual-action complex of sugars, amino acids, cysteine and glycine.

The sugar work on the surface, in the cuticle, to maintain hydration and nourish damaged hair.

The amino acids penetrate the hair structure preserving the damaged keratin structure. Cysteine and Glycine act inside the keratin bonds to reinforce the hair and boost the lightening process

for an even better result. Hair is protected, restructured, reinforced and lightened without damage.

Lightscale Color Remover

The combination of the Charcoal Sugar Complex and the Blend of Natural Oils makes the formula gentler, leaving hair visibly healthy. This progressive lightening formula allows processing up to 90 minutes exceeding the standard maximum processing time of normal bleaches.

Charcoal is a highly porous, odourless and a tasteless powder, obtained by burning wood or the shells or stones of fruit. Its purifying, cleansing, anti-smog and its  detoxifying properties make it highly versatile and effective in cosmetics. The same active ingredient is used for whitening teeth and used in many whitening toothpastes.

Lightscale Bleach 9

Light scale color remover will remove to eliminate or correct an unwanted colour result.

This highly active cosmetic colour remover powderaActs rapidly to remove the permanent cosmetic or tone on tone colour. It effectively:

Removes colour build up

Eliminates unwanted highlights

The unique colour remover technology evens out the colour without damaging the structure or weakening the hair.

The two active ingredients are Lanolin and Rice Starch, which are both totally eco-friendly active ingredients. Lanolin adds softness and hydration thanks to its emollient properties, creating a

protective and breathable film on the hair, to prevent excessive water evaporation. Thanks to its high Vitamin D content, Rice Starch adds nourishment and shine to even out colour on the dullest hair, by gently lifting it.

Light Scale Color Remover is ideal for lightening artificial hair pigments in particular, transitioning from a dark artificial colour to a lighter artificial colour and removing overloads to even out the colouring.

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