Semi di Lino is the care line by ALFAPARF MILANO, the Made in Italy brand that is #1 in the professional haircare sector*, for hair that shines with authentic beauty. The line covers the many needs of everyone and is the ideal tool for taking care of your hair thanks to the actions of its 3 transverse original technologies:

•            Urban Defence Pro: anti-pollution shield for total protection.

•            Shine Fix Complex: with 24 hrs of brightening power from the roots to the ends for an extraordinary long-lasting shine.

•            Color Fix Complex: UV filter and antioxidant to prolong the beauty of the color.

The new Semi di Lino Blonde and Brunette lines are dedicated to blonde and brunette hair: they counteract the negative effects of blue light such as our screens, mobile phones and outdoors – to which we are increasingly exposed – thanks to Blue Light Shield, an active ingredient of natural origin that, upon contact with the hair fiber, helps to protect the cosmetic color, keeping it intense and shiny and making hair easier to brush.

Semi di Lino Blonde is the treatment line created to enhance blonde and silver hair, both natural and bleached. All the products are enriched with violet ash pigment to neutralize unwanted yellow tones. Thanks to Blonde Recovery, an active ingredient made with carob seed extract, this line gives the hair vigour and hydration leaving it soft and shiny.

For brown and dark hair, ALFAPARF MILANO has created the Semi di Lino Brunette line, which is guaranteed to perfectly neutralize unwanted orange tones thanks to the ash pigment. Thanks to Brunette Recovery, the active ingredient made with dates, the hair fiber is deeply nourished and revitalized for hair with colour that always shines.

And better yet, ALFAPARF MILANO has expanded the Sublime line with two single-dose pigments, the ideal personalisation tools for everyone who wants intense and shiny colour without sacrificing the benefits of their beauty routine. Simple to use and with guaranteed results: the two pigments, mixed into your favourite Semi di Lino products, counteract unwanted yellow or orange tones. With Blue Light Shield, which protects cosmetic colour from the damage caused by blue light.

The products are all made with a completely vegan formulation (free from ingredients of animal origin and derivation) and characterized by a naturally-derived bio-based fragrance obtained through renewable sources, with pleasant floral notes.

The new Semi di Lino Blonde and Brunette range is available now.

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