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Collections: Free Feedback, Apprentice Prizes and More…

Hair Shots 2 The World clients are in for a stellar year with the offer of free expert feedback, a competition for three apprentices to win a free release, discount rates for early career hairdressers and loads of other brand building benefits when published worldwide.

Hairdressers who’d like feedback on their new collections are welcome to contact Hair Shots 2 The World for a free assessment.

“Trade and consumer hair magazine editors around the world are always looking for new talent, new hairstyles and new ideas in hair fashion photography,” Hair Shots 2 The World Managing Director, Leanne Cutler said.

“Most often collections are better than their owners’ realise, so are ready to roll out, but on the odd occasion where more experience and adjustment is needed, we gently say so,” she said.

“We always take great care to give positive and constructive feedback to help make sure that the hairdresser’s next shoot improves as much as possible.”

Currently, editors around the world are seeking out good commercial, new colour, long hair/bridal and men’s collections as well as the high-end art images created for competition.

In 2017, Hair Shots 2 The World is supporting the industry by giving away a free release to three promising apprentices.

“All apprentices need to do is get in touch and show us their collection to be considered,” Leanne said. “The first three that we think are ready for release are the lucky winners.”

Hair Shots 2 The World also supports one apprentice or junior stylists (up to 5 years form qualifying) month with discounted release fees, to help them build their portfolios.

For senior hairdressers, 2016 rates will apply to the end of February, so it is worth booking in now no matter when you release is ready to go.

The benefits to being published worldwide include:

  • Build your fan base
  • Build your profile on the way to being a platform educator
  • Get more value out of your awards’ shoots
  • Use media clippings on your social media to impress
  • Use media clippings on screen or in a brag book in the salon
  • Gain prominent exposure to product companies
  • Have your team work more creatively if they know publication is possible
  • Open doors to new career opportunities
  • Gain well deserved recognition (build your confidence)
  • Get personal satisfaction from the hard work you do
  • Be a known name in your industry

Please contact Leanne and the team at Hair Shots 2 The World on T: 03 9583 2001, M: 0400 790 060 or E: