Joico Color Therapy provides a DUAL BENEFIT System that combines the unparalleled strengthening and repairing properties of K-PAK with superior color preservation and protection.

HAIR IS STRENGTHENED by the product’s ability to resurface the cuticle.
COLOR IS PRESERVED through the introduction of ß-Layer lipid protection.

This product can be used effectively both as a treatment and styling product.

Treatment: Rich in Manketti oil, this unique product seals and nourishes the cuticle to protect against color fadage. The regenerative oil with natural UV protection leaves hair smooth, soft and healthy.


Styling: Reduces drying and styling time. Provides vibrant shine and softness. Won’t build up or weigh down hair.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount to palm, emulsify and smooth through damp hair. Style. Apply again to dry hair for added shine.

•Doubles the life of color’s vibrancy • Maintains intensity and protects color from fading due to washing and environmental stress TWICE AS LONG*
• Hair looks and feels smoother, softer, healthier, brighter and more vibrant between salon visits

 Lightened more than two levels
 Double processed hair
 Weak, fragile or structurally unsound colored hair