Life is always exciting, but day after day, pollution and stress can have negative effects on the scalp and roots. Looking good is fundamental to our client’s personal satisfaction. So when clients are complaining of itching, redness, dandruff, temporary hair loss, and excessive or insufficient sebum production on their scalp you will now have the answers.

Scalp is the Semi di Lino range dedicated to balancing the scalp, which helps to restore the skin’s natural wellness and to revitalize the hair, starting from the root. Thanks to probiotic and prebiotic active ingredients, from the microbiotic system, the Scalp treatment range helps to keep the bacterial flora of the skin in balance so that hair can shine in all its glory.

The microbiotic system is the innovative complex of probiotics and prebiotics, designed in the laboratory to keep the skin barrier in balance, restoring the scalp and hair to their natural harmony. Probiotics are bacteria naturally present on the skin, which feed on prebiotics and help keep the microbiota (cutaneous microflora) intact and balanced.

The Scalp Range by Semi di Lino includes 4 different ranges each to assist with different scalp issues.

Renew includes 3 products to assist in scalp and hair fibre health.

Rebalance is ideal for dry and oily dandruff problems with 2 separate groups of products – 3 products for Oily and dry dandruff and 2 products for just an oily scalp.

Relief is ideal for sensitive scalps with 2 products that soothe and nourish.

Each range can be recommended and used as a treatment in salon and at home. This range is a must have for any salon retail and is free from: sulphate, paraben, paraffin, mineral oil, allergens (from plant extracts) and not tested on animals.

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