This stunning Knobel Brush Ensemble, lovingly created for you by Foil Me and the brand’s Australian ambassador Sheree Knobel of Bixie Colour make the perfect gift for your savvy colourist friends or for yourself this Christmas.

Unveil these delightful pink and silver Christmas treasures that indulge your guest with the luxuriously soft, long, vegan, feathered bristles that ensure beautiful and even blending. Take comfort knowing that the Foil Me brand ensures that you, as an artist, can create with ease and produce stunning art with brushes that not only perform exceptionally, but are aesthetically pleasing too.

Step into our creative world and follow the brush story about the creation of this stunning ensemble:

Chapter One

The design starts from scratch, when Emily and Iliano Ciardiello (owners of Foil Me) and Sheree Knobel discuss the needs of colourists, with emphasis on a specialised toning brush. Three months later the first prototype of the handle is received.

Chapter Two

Testing begins to trial different vegan bristles and the first prototype is sent to Sheree – the bristle thickness and placement of the holes are not correct, so the head of the brush is redesigned and a new sample is made.

Chapter Three

A custom box design is created, and Sheree tests the new prototype – the bristles are perfect and covers the area well, but the handle tip is too round; another redesign and the final prototype is made.

Chapter Four

The logo and dot on the ‘i’ are hand-painted on each, and the brush colour is chosen and the product is finalised in late 2019.

Almost two years in the making, Foil Me and Sheree Knobel have successfully designed brushes that exceed all expectations.

The Sequel

Chapter One

Foil Me decide to provide Foil Me movers with a brush ensemble that includes the set of four brushes and the creation of an elegant box begins with a new variant of silver bristles.

Foil Me…where more is what you deserve this Christmas.

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