If you want to build your profile by publishing your hair shots internationally, then Hair Shots 2 The World, is the new easy service distributing hair fashion photography to more than 100 magazines in over 40 countries.

hairshots2theworld.com saves hairdressers’ time and money as well as lets a seasoned professional promote hair shots to leading hair magazine editors everywhere.

This new venture is the brainchild of Leanne Cutler of Siren Marketing, who has 25 years PR and marketing experience including a substantial stint as Public Relations Manager of the Wynne-Hoelscher Group.

“The response by editors to date has been amazing,” Leanne said. “They love Australian hair fashion and are hungry for more.
“But it is important that the collections submitted are of the photographic quality that editors accept.

“The best hair cutting and colouring in the world won’t be published if the lighting, models and photography are not of editorial standard, so all collections are screened and approved by hairshots2the world before payment and distribution.”

Leanne said that really keen hairdressers spend huge hours after work setting up magazine contact lists, keeping them up to date, and posting CDs of shots, but now it can be done through one easy, online process.

“The idea came to me after working on Hair Expo submissions with top hairdressers in Australia and New Zealand,” she said.  “They create the most spectacular shots but don’t always have the time get the best promotional value out of them in the international arena.”

Hair Shots 2 The World services are offered by region, with prices ranging from $120 for Australia and New Zealand to $330 for “The Whole World”.

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