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Gold Soverign Argan Infused Steam Styler

Argan Steam Styler 1The Silk Oil of Morocco Gold Soverign Argan Infused Steam Styler is the latest Innovation in Hair Styling Technology. The Argan Steam Styler smooths and transforms unmanageable, frizzy hair, to soft silky smooth hair. The Argan Steam Styler enables you to Straighten, Wave or Curl hair quickly and efficiently in one single pass. The Far Infrared heat energy from the one Pass Gold Nano-Ionic Titanium Plates helps seal in essential moisture from the Argan Steam Treatment Infusion System, eliminating frizz and split ends.

How does this innovative technology work?

On steam application, the hair cuticle opens allowing all the nutritional ingredients from the Argan Conditioning Treatment to be instantly absorbed. The heat then closes the hair cuticle sealing in all the goodness from the Argan Conditioning Treatment leaving hair soft, manageable and hydrated whilst providing a healthy appearance and professional looking style.

Argan Steam Styler 2


  • 1 x Silk Oil of Morocco Gold Soverign Argan Infused Steam Styler
  • 1 x 60ml Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Steam Conditioning Treatment
  • Spare Chamber Rubbers
  • Spare Styler Chamber
  • 1 x Silk Styling Comb
  • 2 x Silk Section Clips
  • Operating Instruction Manual


  • Gold Titanium One Pass Nano-Ionic Far Infrared Plates
  • Extra Wide Titanium Plates 1¼“
  • Ionised Technology Plates
  • 2.5 Metre extra-long (9’) Professional Burn Resistant Cord
  • 360˚ Swivel Cord
  • 1 Hour Auto Shut off
  • Digital LED light Temperature Control heats up to 235˚C 455˚F
  • 6 Temperature Settings
  • Separate ON/OFF Button with LED Flashing Light Indicator
  • Rounded edge plates create smooth soft curls/waves
  • 5 Conditioning Steam Vents
  • Steam Chamber for Gold Soverign Argan Conditioning Treatment
  • Steam Chamber Lock/Unlock feature
  • Conditioning Steam Settings OFF/MED/HIGH
  • Plate locking switch for Storage and Travel
  • Dual Voltage – Great for Travel
  • 12 month Warranty
  • Built In Heat Resistant Pad
  • Cold Tip end
  • Product tidy velcro strap
    Argan Steam Styler 4


STEP 1: Prep hair by making sure it is clean and dry. Comb hair first using the enclosed Silk Comb in the Gift Box set to give a soft silky finish.
STEP 2: Depending on hair type and hair length – This information below is aimed at Medium hair type and shoulder length hair. Take a 2” wide x ¼” thick section of Hair. Use the section clips in the Gift Box set to separate the hair about to be straightened. Move the Styler over the sectioned hair starting at the roots about ¼” away from the scalp, run the Styler slowly through to the ends of the hair with light pressure.
STEP 3: Repeat this process, section by section until hair is completely straightened, soft and smooth as Silk.

Argan Steam Styler 3


The Gold Soverign Argan Steam Styler with its rounded edge plates enables you to also create curls, waves and many other hair styles. The texture can be varied to give a purposefully imperfect look to the hair, one that is messy-cute and untidy.

STEP 1: Prep hair by making sure it is clean and dry. Comb hair first using the enclosed Silk Comb in the Gift Box set to give a soft silky finish.
STEP 2: Take a small section of hair and insert it into the Argan Steam Styler. Sections can vary in size for a more natural, beautifully imperfect look. You may also decide where you would like your curl to start and can place your Styler accordingly.
STEP 3: Twist wrist, (the one holding the Styler), about a half-turn, then pull, then twist again, then pull. Keep repeating this until the end of the hair is reached. For a more beachy feel, keep the very ends of the hair out of the Argan Steam Styler.
STEP 3 (ALTERNATIVE): Twist and pull just as Step 3 indicates, but for a tighter curl, twist the mid-shaft to ends around the entire iron mimicking what you would do with a curling iron.
STEP 4: Continue with Step 3 (either version) until all the hair has been curled. For more variation and imperfection with the style, opt to switch the direction of your curls, vary the section size, and start the curls at different parts of the sections. Change the direction of the curls near the face, (depending on the side), to have them sweep away from your face. Again, this is a personal preference that is entirely up to the end user.
STEP 5: Comb fingers through to break up the curls. Take hands and shake your hair out. Keep in mind that using the Argan Steam Styler to curl is a technique that takes some practice, so be patient. This technique is meant to be sexy, creative and flirty, so just have fun with it! Now, it’s your turn to try it out.

Please make sure you read the Operating Instruction Manual thoroughly before use and please keep the information in an accessible place to refer to at all times. Please note we have provided at the end of this Leaflet, under the Heading Product Warranty, details where you can add your purchase information. This will help you in the future should you wish to use your Warranty.

Argan Steam Styler - Conditioning Treatment


Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Steam Conditioning Treatment has been exclusively formulated to work in synergy with the Gold Soverign Argan Infused Steam Styler, enhanced with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to instantly hydrate and smooth all hair types transforming unmanageable thick frizzy hair to silky soft, shiny, healthy looking hair after just one pass.


Aqua, Polysorbate 20, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*, Cyclopentasiloxane, Panthenol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-7, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum, Linalool. *Certified Organic Contains Nut Oils

For further information on the Silk Oil of Morrocco Gold Soverign Argan Infused Steam Styler or any of the Silk Oil of Morocco range, please contact:

Silk International Pty Ltd
Address: Unit 13, 9-11 Redcliffe Gardens Drive, Clontarf QLD 4019 AUSTRALIA
Tel: +61(0)7 3880 3380



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