NATULIQUE Certified Organic is the first complete brand in the market that offers hair and skin products that are organic, cruelty free, DEA free, sulphate free, perfume free and paraben free (a toxin/toxic pesticide). These ingredients are  widely used and there is evidence that they can increases the risk of allergies, cancer and hormone disturbances which could lead to infertility in men and women.

How are NATULIQUE products different?

NATULIQUE products are created from a simple premise: No dangerous ingredients! Our formulations are the safest available in the professional hair and beauty industry today.

We believe in ingredient integrity and mission consistency, beginning with organic ingredients, whenever possible, to keeping dangerous chemical preservative systems and lathering agents out of the product in the end. At NATULIQUE we maintain the highest standards of quality throughout formulation and production.

Most of the ingredients in each and every product of the NATULIQUE Certified Organic product range are USDA and ECOCERT certified organic. We are also proud to announce that NATULIQUE Certified Organic products are on the approval list presented by the Danish Environmental Control Body for Professional Hairdressers.


The Natulique Range is comprehensive, along with colour and other retail lines, Natulique should be your choice to satisfy your clients who are looking for truly natural products. For you the hairdressing professional you are now able to offer salon services that have no dangerous ingredients – our formulations are the safest available in the professional hair and beauty industry today.

All Natulique product labels, point of sale material and colour charts are made from rock paper. This is low environmental impact paper where no trees water or acid is used during the production process.


Is your current brand this environmentally conscious?

If not and you want to make a change to a brand that offers more than others please call 03 8790 4230, email or go to