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Jade Splendour by Pure Evolve

The alignment of colour and fashion for your clients is just one aspect that sets Pure Evolve Hair Colour apart from other brands. With formulas available to recreate the fashion alignment is just one aspect that make Pure Evolve different.

LOW AMMONIA + PPD FREE – Non-invasive colouring system for superior colour results.

BIO-COLOURING SYSTEM – Pure Evolve is the first bio-enhanced permanent colouring system formulated with exclusive Pure Colour Pigment Retention Complex blended from 100% certified organic extracts and powerful phytonutrients.

COLOUR PIGMENT RETENTION – Colour Pigment Retention provides triple guard protection for natural/artificial colour pigment against oxidization (free radicals), ageing (thinning and greying) and anti-fade (sunlight damage).

ANTI-OXIDANT : Protects against creeping oxidization to slow down colour fade caused by free radicals.

ANTI-AGEING : Defence against premature ageing caused by the loss of hair texture, pigment and density.

ANTI-FADE : Shields against the harmful sunlight rays, which cause ageing and colour fade.

PHYTONUTRIENTS (PLANT DERIVED NUTRITION) – Pure active phytonutrients, shea butter and glycerin provide powerful transformative peptide restorative and lipid hydration qualities.

PYRAZOLE 5 – Pyrazole, or P5 as it’s commonly referred to, is a 5 sided molecular structure that reflects red light and provides a deeper and more dense penetration of colour into hair structure.

Contact Hairjamm for further information about Pure Evolve or to see more fashion aligned formulas to inspire your salon clients.  Phone: +61 7 3850 6200