Brighter, glossier days have arrived with the new NAK Colour Masque luxe conditioning shades.

Now created with the NAK Natural Vegan Complex, the Colour Masque formula combines a rainbow of tones with luxurious conditioning oils, for a colour experience that has softness, hydration and lustre at the core of every application.

With a choice of 14 semi-permanent tones ranging from sheer Peach to Gothic, there is a formula to replenish and enhance most hair colour types. The NAK Colour Masque Pastel range has been designed to create sheer colour brilliance, and harmonious pastel tones in pre-lightened blonde, platinum blonde, colour treated or light natural hair.

Spanning the colour spectrum, Brights are represented with NAK colour Masque formulas designed to create vivid pops of colour, for bold and creative colour expression in pre-lightened blonde, platinum blonde, colour treated and dark natural hair.

Created to be the ultimate multitasker, the unique formula provides luxurious toning control and creative colour replenishment in an easy application designed to gracefully fade with cleansing. Furthermore, carefully designed enhanced conditioning compounds will leave hair soft and hydrated with elements such as coconut, aloe, macadamia oil, rice & pear combining to give an unsurpassed hydration experience with every application.

With shades including Dusk, Sky, Peach, Flamingo & Coco, the NAK Colour Masque luxe conditioning shades will revitalise hair and have you seeing colour in a whole new light.

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